About Floatbase

Design Aquatecture

Floatbase is advising and consultancy on all aspects in projects for floating homes and offices.

Specialized and independent!

Specific fields:

  • Sustainable, for both environment and floating objects
  • Safety, for user and environment
  • Freedom, for designer, owner and user
  • Comfortable and energy efficient
  • Mobile, let your home or office grow together with your ambitions
  • Financially attractive, for both water owners and -users

Custom made advice about all aspects that makes living and/or working on water possible.
This means technically and financially.

Mission Floatbase

Floatbase will develop floating residential- and  office projects together with stakeholders in combination with
issues for flood areas. Double use of space increases quality of living and working and offers more space for retaining water.

Floating means freedom, flexibility and sustainability for both users and environment.
Build-able and affordable are essential!

Water is not land..! 

Mark van Ommen

CEO / Owner of Floatbase


Training: Technical University Engineering, Executive MBA
Experience: Commercial Director of ABC Floating Homes project-development and realization of floating structures like homes and offices, ABC Arkenbouw, PontMeyer, Van Neerbos Builders Merchants (CRH).

Former board member of “Platform Drijvend Bouwen”.

Examples of already realized projects are:

  • Development and realization of 19 floating homes in Utrecht
  • Developing and  realization of 14 floating homes in Utrecht
  • Realization of 55 floating homes in IJburg, Amsterdam
  • Realization and accompaniment of 8 floating homes initialized by the citizens themselves
  • Realization of a large floating office, Amsterdam